Bay Art: In n’ Out

There are no shortage of studios, galleries, and museums in the Bay. I set out one day to see one that I’d never been to before, but what surprised me most is where I found some of the most creative pieces.

The Legion of Honor definitely wins in the category of ‘Best Gallery Name’. However its contents weren’t necessary my favorite.

I loved the sculptures by Rodin and their placement in the gallery, but the winner here is simply the architecture of the building. It’s grand and stately without feeling vacuously large or empty.

Another central feature is its location, perched high on the Northern SF coast near Lands End. A short walk behind the building and down a slightly sketchy trail are two rock structures that would end up being my favorite pieces of art that day.

The first is the Lands End Labyrinth which isn’t so hard to navigate out of, but you might run the risk of ruining some hipsters selfie (Sorry, not sorry).

The second are the stone stacks at Mile Rock Beach. As far as the eye can see are intricately stacked rock formations teetering in the strong winds and close to the breaking waves.

As I sometimes have been known to do, I left my mark with a stack of stones before departing.

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