Ahoy, Pirate Bunker!

One of the luxuries that I had while driving up the coast was the time to indulge my curiosity whenever a sight seemed too good to pass up. The Devil’s Slide bunker proved to be just that. Situated high up on a random coastal hill just south of Pacifica is an unmarked but HEAVILY tagged former WWII bunker.

For legal purposes, I do not claim that these pictures are mine or that I was silly enough to trespass in midday onto a old army structure teetering above a cliff. I got the pictures from a friend who we’ll call… Mr. E

The shape and location of the structure are so obtuse that it’s difficult to surmise what exactly it is you’re looking at until you get closer.

Gaining entry to the structure is no cakewalk either since everything but its foundation has erroded away and all entrances have been sealed. However, with some creativity and a little climbing, you can find a way in (or so I’m told).

From top to bottom, every inch is covered in elaborate tags and images.

The coastal views only add to the complex punk/nature atmosphere.

My daring counterpart tells me that there’s even a second floor and roof access to sit and watch the sunset with a few beers. The copious number of empty beer bottles littering the interior suggest Mr. E is not the first to have this thought.

With the steep cliff, unpredictable erosion, broken glass, and lack of access, I can’t say that this is a place I recommend visiting, but I will say, there’s no other place quite like it.

#WWIIbunker #pacifica #graffiti

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