Off to explore California’s newest National Park. I made the wise choice (yes, I do make them from time to time) of cruising into Pinnacles National Park on a weekday.

The park is actually quite modest in size compared to its expansive and older National Park siblings. This is great because the options for hiking and sightseeing aren’t quite as intimidating to newbies like me as other parks like Yosemite can be.

However, with the compact size comes the fact that this places fills up fast. If you came on a weekend in the springtime, you’d likely spend hours just trying to enter the park and find a parking spot, not to mention the crowds on the trails and at the information desk. Thankfully, I wasn’t in this predicament and I relished the ease of finding my way around and the ample parking. Despite the lack of crowds, I did manage to make a new friend…

Along with its well know rock spires, it also boasts some great cave and canyon trekking.

I found some great lookout points and got to enjoy the views and ponder the ceaseless random thoughts that run through my mind.

This is definitely a place that I’ll be returning to (next time in the Spring) to see how it changes throughout the different seasons.

#Pinnacles #summer #naturephotography #caves

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