Mountains of Gold

Having (thankfully) navigated out of the hustle and bustle of the big SoCal cities, I was on my way up Highway 1 and onto the coastal half of this California Adventure.

Driving through coastal towns was done at a snail's pace. There were sights, eats, and adventures to be had everywhere along the way. Pismo Beach proved to be touristy in some areas, but genuinely beautiful away from the city center.

I’ve come to realize that the natural diversity that we’re treated to throughout CA is broader than what most full countries get.

Continuing on to what I think was the best beach town that I experienced in my road trippin up the coast: Los Osos.

The city is small, the communities aren’t overrun with boardwalk businesses and tacky stores. There’s tons of natural beauty in the surrounding areas too. I was particularly interested to see Montana de Oro. As with so many places beyond the big cities, there was no correlation between the number of people there and it’s aesthetic beauty. Gorgeous rolling hills with valleys of trees, filled with wildlife, and elegant but precarious drops into the sea. All of this with an almost embarrassingly low number of people around to enjoy it.

The hike that I had hoped to go on was inaccessible because unbeknownst to me there’s a nuclear power plant in the outlying hills and so access is limited to a few days of the week. A good reminder to ALWAYS DO YOUR HOMEWORK (before setting out on an adventure). I soon forgot my woes though because the other trail nearby turned out to be an absolute gem. So nice, in fact, that I hiked it twice (once at sunset and then again at midnight).

#PismoBeach #MontanadeOro #nightphotography #sunset

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