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The Golden State has many claims to fame, some of which are more desirable than others. It has a name derived from ancient amazon warriors, it's the 6th largest economy in the world (compared to other countries), in addition to being the birthplace of fortune cookies and (more dubiously) McDonalds restaurants. The list of things that make California a unique place within the US (and the world) is extensive, but one of my personal favorite claims to fame is for its trees. More specifically, California has not only the tallest, but also the biggest, AND oldest trees in the whole world. The tallest trees are no stranger to me, as I write this I can see massive redwood trees just outside my window. The tallest being Hyperion which is nearly 400 ft tall. Its exact location within the Redwood National and State Park is kept secret, but I've been to the park and seen the runners up. The biggest is the General Sherman in Sequoia National Park. It has a diameter of 25 feet so needless to say, when I visited I wasn't able to fit my arms around it.

​ The oldest (and some might say ugliest) trees are Bristlecone Pinees, one of note is named Methuselah. Located in the the White Mountains east of the Sierra, it astonishingly clocks in at over 5,000 years old. This means that the tree was already old by the time the Great Pyramid of Giza was starting construction. Simply put, these trees are older than modern history. Fascinating!

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