3 Words for you Tahoe…

I’ve got 3 words for you Tahoe, “Go. To. Hell.” Although, I suppose this is a bit contradictory because Tahoe is, in itself, is one of the levels of Hell.

Some may find this a bit harsh, and I’ll admit, it is harsh, over-simplified, and from the perspective of a tourist. Nonetheless, it really is how simple my feelings are for the vacation Mecca.

Let me start off by saying that Tahoe is a beautiful place. The lake is filled with pristinely clean, clear, glistening water. It has incredible options for boating, skiing, biking, and hiking.

However, here are my list of gripes:

-No parking: this one is immediately noticeable on any street, destination, or vista.

-Construction: feeding into the previous gripe, the street, sidewalk, and utility construction is on a scale that I’ve only witnessed in developing nations such as Cambodia. It seems like every road is undergoing a major overhaul of some kind. This could be forgiven if it were a temporary fix, but I’ve visited Tahoe 3 times over the course of my life and it’s been like this every time! Not only that, but it clogs up and slows down traffic everywhere from the downtown to right outside the palatial homes on the lake front.

-Money: speaking of palatial homes, this place is absolutely swimming with wealth. Not the charitable and altruistic type either. I’m talking Mazzaraties and yachts around every corner type of wealth. That wealth that just oozes with opulence and privilege. Disgusting.

-Tourist: They come by car, by van, and by the bus load. They’re everywhere, snapping selfies, and aimlessly riding cruiser bikes holding extra grande frappuccinos.

-Gas: This last one is so simple, but such a poke in the eye on top of being served a shit sandwich that it deserves mentioning. If you’re unfortunate enough to be running low on gas while in the vicinity of this Hell hole, you’ll be in for a unwelcome surprise. The stations I passed were charging nearly TWICE the national average per gallon and vastly more than any of the other surrounding towns. If Disneyland had a gas station across from their castle, not even they would have the gall to charge Tahoe prices.

My sincerest hope is that someone will read this and set me straight. Tell me about or (better yet) take me to the REAL spots, the unblemished shorelines, the authentic parts of town. The places where owning a car that costs more than a middle-class yearly income would buy isn’t necessary.

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