Another Monument to the Devil

If I didn't know America better, it'd be easy to think that we worshiped the Devil. Either that or the Prince of Darkness has been moonlighting as a real estate tycoon and naming everything after himself... much like Trump. It becomes readily apparent if you look at the way that so many landmarks, trails, and geological peculiarities are named: "The Devil's Punch bowl", "The Devil's Lake", "The Devil's Tower".

Now adding to the list is The Devil's Postpile National Monument.

It towers high up on the side of a sheer walled cliff. Its odd bending rock formations do look quite otherworldly (though not demonic). One thing to note is the way that the piles form into Hexagonal shapes of similar size. This is much more apparent when viewing it from the top.

The trail features some info on how hexagonal structures are present all throughout nature: Turtle shells, honeycombs, and even bubbles. So I guess it's nothing too bizarre after all, at least nothing worth changing your worshiping behaviors over.

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