Yosemite: Day 1

What can I say about Yosemite that hasn't already been said? Well I'll just stick to telling you how my experience went, and it was quite the experience!

It's kind of nice when you go somewhere and have no expectations. Go to a movie that you haven't read any reviews for. Eat a meal without consulting Yelp. Marry someone from Tinder. Ok, the last one is not recommended. However, Yosemite was not gonna be like this. It's impossible not to have heard of it and more than likely you've had friends who have gone and shared pics. Apples past operating system is even named after one of its monuments. With this in mind, I did my homework and set out for a few days of adventure.

I had been warned that people come in droves to visit the park, but I thought that I was clever for going the day AFTER labor day. I was wrong. I made the rookie mistake of driving into the Valley and ended up spending an hour inching forward past Curry Village. Once I finally escaped, it was getting close to sunset so I picked Glacier Point to be my vantage point.

It was a good choice that not only thinned the crowds a bit, but also gave spectacular views over the valley.

Any adventure is better with a good companion and my buddy arrived just in time to watch the sunset.

Noah and I hung out long after the sunset, beyond blue hour, and waited for the stars to come out. It was incredible to see them shine so brightly away from the city and the Valley floor lit up with campers. We were even lucky enough to be within earshot of a park ranger giving an evening lecture on the history of the constellations.

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