The Misty Mountain

If you're tired of reading long stories about adventures you didn't take part in (I wholeheartedly understand) then here is the TLDR: -Best quick hike in Oregon -Do it. Do it now!

Ok, for the few of you who are interested in how this all went down, here's the story. Even though I love hiking and being outdoors, I'm quite picky about when I choose to partake in the endeavor. Too hot, too cold, too windy, and (this is the biggy) cloudy skies = no bueno in my book. So when I saw the thick fog rolling in from the coast over my hiking path, I quickly began to question my resolve on this hike. What I didn't foresee was the incredible atmosphere that the fog would add the hike and the way it would add dimension the the light and views. From the moment I stepped onto the trail, I was entranced by the mystical appearance the fog had rolling through the tree tops.

I veered off the path on a whim and walked up the steep forest to a grassy plateau and was greeted by a sublimely beautiful panoramic view. The estuary was bathed in sun, but the fog rolling off the hill behind me acted as a veil. With the trees to my back, I didn't feel the wind, but the speed with which the clouds moved and the sound of the waving trees indicated its force.

I sat there for a long time. Simply put, I couldn't think of any reason to leave. The sun was refreshingly warm on the surprisingly brisk summer day. The wind carried the clouds overhead, but the trees blocked its path to me. I had snacks, music, and a comfy place to sit while enjoying the view. No reason to leave.

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