City of Rolling Hills

Seattle already has a motto: "The City of Good Will". How very lame. I like mine better.

With sharply sloped hills that roll across the city, it quickly reminded me of San Francisco (the lack of parking did as well). It's hard to put an overall mood to the city. It's surprisingly large, with each district having unique qualities. Although I didn't get to explore it as much as I would have liked, I liked what I did get to explore.

Even native Seattle folks might not know that their beloved city has its very own song. It's not as catchy as, let's say, Mmmbop by Hanson. However, I loved the last verse:

True love and art shall flourish here, The heart's sweet, tender theme, Upholders of the truth here dwell, The dreamers of the Dream

Special thanks to my wonderful cousin for the hospitality and insights into her neck of the woods, cheers!

#seattle #photography #roadtrip #washington #cityofrollinghills

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