Beer, Strippers, and...

Oregon's most populous city is well known for having the most breweries per capita of any city in the world (84 in the Portland Metro Area). It also has the more dubious distinction of running the most strip clubs per capita as well. In true Portland fashion, one notable establishment "serves only vegan food and allows its strippers to shed only non-animal-based clothing". You'll have to choke your chicken elsewhere.

In addition to the breweries and strip clubs, we should add waterfalls to the list of things that Oregon has in spades. Passing east of Portland up the Columbia River Gorge, you'll run into an uncountable number of waterfalls along the way. Some are well known (and all too well visited), such as Multnomah Falls.

However, others can be found just down the road and are no less spectacular, such as Tunnel Falls or a litany of others in the neighborhood.

So I guess the take away message is that you can never have to much beer, nudity, or water in the beaver state, Hooray!

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