Go With the Flow

You have the perfect shot in your mind. You can picture the frame and know just the right angle. The lighting is right and nobody is standing in your way. However, sometimes it just doesn't quite work out. Some shots are just too beautiful to capture in a photo. Your shot just doesn't do it justice. Maybe I'll be more skilled in the future. Maybe technology will advance to allow better and new methods of digital capture. But for now, sometimes it's just best to see the real thing.

Pro Tip: if you walk down from the established trail toward the river, you'll have much clearer views of the falls and the scenery below.

Pro Tip 2: starting at the Sahalie Falls, walk past the second waterfall and cross the river down at the water reservoir and you'll be able to hike an often overlooked trail that follows the opposite bank of the river and comes out on top of the falls.

#sahaliefalls #oregon #Photography #waterfalls #hiking

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