Magic Mountain

I don't much care for crowds. I don't think anyone does, but I find them especially loathsome in nature. Nothing more UNnatural than standing in line to behold one of the beauties of nature and having your view obscured by people taking selfies. So when a friend mentioned that the lines and crowds at Crater Lake (my next destination) were atrociously bad, I started to worry that I wouldn't enjoy it. I put on my thinking cap and decided to take a different approach and visited late on a Sunday. I hoped most folks would arrive there early in the day and be leaving just about that time. BOOM, right on the money! No lines, no selfies, and hardly anyone in sight.

It was hard to believe, considering that sunset was outrageously beautiful facing west of the crater.

So I found a nice ledge that overlooked Wizard Island (the volcanic formation in the center of the lake) and set up my camera to capture a shot of the Milky Way rising out of the crater as the Moon's first light rose over the rim of the caldera.

#astrophotography #caldera #craterlake #nocrowds #sunset #milkyway #wizardisland #oregon

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