Ecstasy in Misery

"What planet am I on?" is likely the first question you'll be asking yourself when you arrive at the here. The towering rock formations parallel the snaking river and jut out of the earth in uneven flows. Everything in the near vicinity resembles a desert landscape but the river, like a artery to the body, breathes life into the earth and lush greenery surrounds it.

The hills are alive with activity. Geese flock to the water while falcons and vultures effortlessly ride thermals up high into the sky.

Speaking of activity, the humans in the area aren't slacking off either. The facades of the rock formations on one side form perfect climbing walls for those brave enough (not I) to scale their heights.

The masochists, such as myself, can opt for a brief but grueling hike up the aptly named, "Misery Ridge Trail"

The views from the top are otherworldly and breathtaking.

What really struck me was the how many other prominent mountains you can see from the top. I was able to see Mt. Bachelor, the Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson, and Mt. Hood. Stunning!

#smithrock #nature #photography #rockclimbing #Miseryridgetrail

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