Castle in the Mountains

What make it Great: +Incredible rock formations and vantage points +Rewarding 7 mile hike that's not too tough, but defintely gets the blood flowing +Located right off of the 5 Interstate

Not so Great: -not exactly a central location for most folks -modest park fee to access the hike

Pro Tip: +If you have a purifier, there's a natural spring halfway up the hike. Nice spot to refill your water and chill in the shade. +Just up the road in the tiny town of Dunsmuir is a brewery that has great beers and a delicious meal most befitting of your gargantuan hunger after the long day hike: an Elk Burger.

How have I never heard of this gem?! I'm honestly stupefied and ashamed by how many amazing places I didn't even know existed in my home state. Well, better late than never.

#hiking #castlecrags #exploreca #Photography #nearshasta #nature

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