All of Humboldt in One Place

Growing up in Humboldt, this place had such a familiar name. If you mention it in conversation, everyone will chime in their 2 cents on it, "Great views!", "Cool spot!", "Good place to do drugs". Well, besides the last sentiment, I was certainly excited to be going. For the last month I'd been compiling a list in my head of the must-see Humboldt destinations that I'd never made time to actually visit while living here. This one was 2nd to the top of that list, the first being "Drive to end of street you grew up on"... sigh.

Everything about this place is quintessential Humboldt. First, starting from the sketchy parking lot with tempered car window glass strewn about the ground. It reminded me of parking in Eureka on Broadway, near Winco, on 2nd St, or really anywhere in town after 8pm. The next reminder that we were in a Humboldt microcosm was the wholesale deforestation of large swaths of land, reminicent of South and Inland Humboldt. There were even a pair of tree sitters perched up on one in attempt to sway the logging companys judgement, good luck with that!

The next Humboldt hallmark were the people. Weather it was the painfully hip Arcata college kids, the middle aged hipnoids discussing crystal therapy, or the well dressed and equally well spoken folks who were clearly tourists and not from Humboldt.

After you reach the top with a little help from a rope, you're greeted by the final reminder of Humboldt, that unmistakably unique and beautiful mixture of evergreen trees bordering rock strewn beaches with mythic walls of mist passing from one to another. Not such a bad place to live afterall.

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