The Top of Humboldt

Why it's Great:

+Unreal scenery and views +Great views of the Humboldt coast and sprawling hills +Stunning starry views at night +No hiking required

Not so Great: -Watch out for the cows -Takes 45-60min to drive from Eureka (each way) Having grown up on this hill, my opinion might be biased. However, I truly feel this is a spectacularly beautiful places. When the sun sets and the last beams of light streak across the rolling hills of Kneeland, it glows like a mountain of gold. The cattle quietly graze on the grass of the sloping hills before retiring to the flattened pastures. Then when the night creeps in, the stars light up the sky with unadulterated brightness. If you're lucky enough to see it on a clear night and without the moon shining brightly, you can clearly see the milky way streaked across the sky.

#astrophotography #photography #milkyway #stargazing #humboldt #kneeland #kneelandairport #mountainviewroad

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