From the Bay to the Dunes

Why it's Great:

+Beautiful barren dunes that boarder lush bay wilderness +Easy trek and close to Eureka/Arcata Not so Great: -The main trails are open every day until sunset, but the best route is only open Fri-Sun -Sand, sand everywhere

Pro Tips: *Make sure to pack layers because the gentle breeze at the trail head can turn into a frigid gust at the beach.

*The road to the gun club is closed during parts of the week, but on Fri-Sun you can drive down it a bit farther North to reach a different trail head that I enjoyed even more.

The Manila dunes are well know for their hilly sandscapes lowland nature. The Ma-le’l Dunes offer similar sites, but with the added bonus of starting your stroll through the marshy estuary of Arcata Bay, transitioning to a shaded forest zone, and finally reaching a massive sandy sprawl leading to a largely unused shoreline.

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