Finding the Hidden Trail

Why it's Great:

+This trail has it all: Old growth redwoods, grassy meadows, and beautiful beach scenery +Not a busy trail so you'll likely have it all to yourself +The hike in is all downhill

Not so Great: -The hike out is all uphill

-Bikes are allowed on trail so keep an eye out -The trail isn't well marked so it can be a bit difficult to find Up at the northern end of Prairie Creek among all the old growth redwood groves is a nondescript trail head that leads down to the beach. What makes this hike unique is how incredibly diverse the the surroundings are as you walk through. It starts with behemoth redwoods that soar to unimaginable heights, progresses to less shaded fern groves and smaller trees, then at the bottom you find high grass fields that transition to a flat sandy beach with towering rocks formations. It's one of my new favorite hikes, but make sure to leave some energy in the tank for the walk back to the car because the hike is ALL uphill on the return journey.

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