Protecting Ourselves from Protected Animals

Why it's Great:

+A birdwatcher's delight

+Well maintained paths +Incredible diversity of plants and creatures

Not so Great:

-Flat flat flat

-Might smell bad for the rest of your life My buddy Joe and I set out on the trail and were mesmerized by the sheer number of different birds and plants species that you can see in such a small ecosystem. Gave me a lot of perspective on how much damage can be done by dredging or changing seemingly insignificant portions of land. However the wonder of the natural sights was abruptly halted when a skunk ran out in front of us. Faced with the imminent possibility of being sprayed by one of the most noxious fumes on the planet, my friend and I both contemplated shoving the other in front as a human shield. Thankfully, the black and white critter moved on and we were able to continue our leisurely stroll uninterrupted and... unscented.

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