Conquering the Pinnacle

Why it's Great:

+Stunning views of TWO shorelines +Warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment


Not so Great:

-requires perfect weather (sunny, high visability, low wind, low tide)

-steep slopes may test your mental (and bowel) fortitude

Situated between Big Lagoon and Stone Lagoon on the northern Humboldt coast is a giant rock outcropping called the Pinnacle. From afar, it looks like a nice spot to walk up and get a view from the top. Well, easier said than done. The deceptively steep slopes are covered in plants and gravel that slip and slide under your feet. With nothing to hold onto but small shrubs and rocks of tenuous stability, you may find yourself regretting your foolhardy choice to climb it. If you're moderately afraid of heights like me (or ANY sane person), you'd be wise not to look back as you scale this peak. I don't know if scientists have ever put a name to it, but there's definitely an optical phenomenon that skews our perception of steep slopes whereby something that may look manageable from the bottom then looks pants-shitingly steep from the top. However, once you DO reach the top, you're rewarded with an incredibly sweeping view of two pristine beach coastlines and the knowledge that you conquered the Pinnacle. Now, how do I get down...?

#humboldt #hiking #pinnacle #stonelagoon #biglagoon #nature #Photography

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