Memories in the Forest

Why it's great: +Easy to find

+Park right next to the trails +Not so big that you'll worry about getting lost or need hiking gear

+Recreational area has benches, places to cook, bathrooms, and basketball courts

+Great (but unforgiving) disc golf course is situated within +Free

Not so great:

-"Heads UP!" don't get bonked by aforementioned disc golfers -Shares boarder with HSU campus breeding hutches (aka Student Housing) so you'll likely run into a few folks on your wandering. My Experience:

This local gem of a forest has been the backdrop for so many childhood memories. I got my first bike at birthday party here. Came here for numerous school field trips. So to take a stroll through here is like walking down memory lane.

#hiking #arcata #forest #redwoods #Humboldt #ArcataCommunityForest #Nature #Photography

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