July 27, 2016

I don't much care for crowds.  I don't think anyone does, but I find them especially loathsome in nature.  Nothing more UNnatural than standing in line to behold one of the beauties of nature and having your view obscured by people taking selfies.  So when a friend mentioned th...

"What planet am I on?"  is likely the first question you'll be asking yourself when you arrive at the here.  The towering rock formations parallel the snaking river and jut out of the earth in uneven flows.  Everything in the near vicinity resembles a desert landscape but the r...

My trip so far has been many things, but one of the preeminent features is that it has been educational.  While visiting the Lava Beds National Monument, I felt like I was on a self-guided school field trip (in the best ways possible!)

I learned about geology, botany, vulcanolo...

The Medicine Lake Highland area is, quite simply put, bizzare.  Not in a bad way though, but rather in the best ways possible.  The sudden transitions in terrain leave you guessing what's around each corner.  And the roads are largely vacant, giving the feeling that you've got...

What make it Great:
+Incredible rock formations and vantage points
+Rewarding 7 mile hike that's not too tough, but defintely gets the blood flowing 
+Located right off of the 5 Interstate

Not so Great:
-not exactly a central location for most folks
-modest park fee to acce...

Growing up in Humboldt, this place had such a familiar name.  If you mention it in conversation, everyone will chime in their 2 cents on it, "Great views!", "Cool spot!", "Good place to do drugs".  Well, besides the last sentiment, I was certainly excited to be going.  For the...

Why it's Great:

+Unreal scenery and views
+Great views of the Humboldt coast and sprawling hills
+Stunning starry views at night
+No hiking required

Not so Great:
-Watch out for the cows
-Takes 45-60min to drive from Eureka (each way)

Having grown up on this hill, my opinion m...

Why it's Great:

+Beautiful barren dunes that boarder lush bay wilderness
+Easy trek and close to Eureka/Arcata

Not so Great:
-The main trails are open every day until sunset, but the best route is only open Fri-Sun
-Sand, sand everywhere

Pro Tips:
*Make sure to pack layers becau...

Why it's Great:

+This trail has it all:  Old growth redwoods, grassy meadows, and beautiful beach scenery
+Not a busy trail so you'll likely have it all to yourself
+The hike in is all downhill

Not so Great:
-The hike out is all uphill

-Bikes are allowed on trail so keep an eye...

Why it's Great:
+Stunning views

+Peaceful ride
+Massively Giant F*%@ing trees

Not so Great:
-Long dusty roads (not a good spot to break down)
-Far from... everything

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast or if you can appreciate a beautiful drive in the car, a trip up to the...

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